Jolaine’s Poem

She was always there for you
To wipe away the tears.
Place a bandage on your knee
And rock away the fears.
Taught you what she knew was right
And helped with what was wrong.
Felt the pain that you went through
And held her head up strong.

Helped you train to reach your goals
No sacrifice too great.
Hours spent inside the gym
And driving home too late.
Time passed on and you grew up
And moved out on your own.
Great distance stood between you
And mom stood by the phone.

With family of your own now
And challenges so new.
You could always call her up
To find out what to do.
Sometimes just an argument
Would keep you two apart.
But her love would never stop
Held strong within her heart.

Even though she left us now
The feelings are still here.
Love she held inside for you
Will always be held dear.
In you mind and in your soul
I know and in your heart.
She’s still near you, closer now
Her love will never part.

 With Love Wayne