The Call

It doesn’t matter how high you aspire
Or even how much in life you acquire.
To set for yourself the highest goal
Leaves no guarantee to make you whole.

For all that’s gained and all that’s garnered,
And all that’s lost and all that’s squandered,
Can you look back when you are done
And say that life was truly fun?

I’ve seen the high and mighty fall.
So called success, I’ve seen it all.
But with success there comes a price:
No time for the kids, no time for the wife.

The meeting went well
You’ve got a new title,
Assistant Vice President,
But you missed her first recital.

You’ve got the big house and a car.
What a life.
You just saw the pool guy--
Hey, isn’t that your wife?

But you marked it on the calendar,
You knew it was today.
You missed her graduation,
Yet she said, "That's okay."

Hey, grandpa how are you?
You're looking good today.
How do you like the home you're in?
Are they treating you okay?

So you had your cake and ate it too.
When you look back, what did you do?
Success was yours. You had it all.
But when life phoned, you missed the call.