One More Time

It hasn’t ceased, my memories will,
Thus time shall not erase
Images dancing in my mind of love’s sweet embrace.
‘Twas yesterday plus twenty years,
But still I see you clearly.
My heart still bleeds and drips to feed,
A love that’s held so dearly.

Questions asked without retort
Leave emptiness to grow;
Loneliness envelops me and dims the warmest glow.
Sorrow overwhelms my soul
And stings me to the marrow.
A cherub cursed with aim well versed,
Heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow.

Though death shrouds not my memories,
And time quells not the pain,
Tears that softly fall in grief lead not to my refrain.
At times I swear I feel your touch
Or hear your sweet voice chime.
I wish that I had said goodbye
And kissed you one more time.